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  • 15 photos - $100

  • Additional Photo - $5 each

Commercial Photography 

  • 10 photos - $99

  • Additional Photos - $10 each




  • 5 photos - $75

  • Additional Photos - $5 each


Twilight Photos

  • 5 photos - $100

  • Additional Photos -$5 each



  • Floor Plan - Starting at $75

  • Virtual Twilight Edit - $15 each

  • Video Walkthrough (1-2 minute video) - $150


What is the turn around time for photos, videos, and add-ons?

99% of orders will have all their final products delivered well within 24 hours of the shoot — usually first thing the next morning. Larger orders and/or orders requiring a lot of editing will be closer to the 24 hour threshold.

Can you make dead grass green and a gloomy sky blue?

Yes! Replacing a gloomy sky and ‘greening’ up a lawn is standard in real estate photography editing. All such editing is included in the cost of photos.

Can we review the photos together at the shoot?

Yes! I personally go over the photos with realtors and (assuming they’re present) homeowners before sending them off to editing. I work on a Yay! or Nay! system. See a photo you don’t like? We don’t have to keep it. You’ll never be obligated to keep and pay for an image you don’t like.

I have multiple properties right next to each other that need photos all at once. Will I be charged for multiple shoots?

No. In situations like this, subsequent properties will merely be treated as additional photos.

I just need a few pictures redone. Do you offer a reshoot discount?

Absolutely! If I’ve shot a property for you in the past and you only need a few replacement pictures, you’re not obligated to buy a full photo package and we can discuss pricing.

Do you have liability insurance?

I do! For a copy of my proof of insurance form, shoot me an email or text.

Who retains ownership of the final, edited photos?

Short answer: You.

Long answer: After a cleared payment, all rights and ownership regarding any ordered products transfer to the client indefinitely.

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